sometimes all it takes to get a touch of nostalgia is seeing something as simple as a piece of candy...

a lot of our favorite candies and gum have been discontinued by the manufacturer or the company has gone out of business,

leaving these once popular items just memories...

we have devoted this section to commiserate with you about the stuff that instantly transferred us back to our youth but is no longer here...

before we give you THAT list, we have a little bit of good news / bad news...


our collectibles are candies and gum that are no longer made, BUT we have a very limited stash to sell to collectors and die-hard fans..


      *this is a partial list of the most requested discontinued items people have asked us for....

if you are looking for a specific item, give us a call or email us to find out if it is still available...

                                                             call:  516 354-9564


astro pops

remember these rocket-shaped lollipops?

for years, it was eaten from the point-end down, and a friendly jab

to the nearest sibling or friend was common practice, sure to provoke a return noogie or a protest yell to mom...

during the 80s, the manufacturer reversed the pop & put the point down, claiming that this made the Astro Pop easier to eat,

but kids everywhere knew that it was just nervous grown-ups taking some of the fun out of life...

they blasted off “candy land” in 2004...

we have a few left...

the good news... THEY’RE BACK! - with the point back on the top....


ok, so when “younger generations” ask us “what are fizzies?”

we always tell them “it’s like a flavored alka-seltzer”...

first introduced in 1957, fizzies were really popular (remember fizzies parties??!!)

but were taken off the market because they contained banned sweeteners...

in the 90s, they were resurrected using nutrasweet, by a couple of baby boomers, but were on the market for a short time....

we have them!  BUT, they are almost gone...

even though we don’t recommend using them, and tell people they are OLD, AND NOT FOR CONSUMPTION

boomers are always buying fact, they usually buy 2... 1 to keep for themselves and 1 to eventually sell on ebay

delfa rolls

probably our single most requested item!!!

some of us knew them as Broadway Rolls or Danish Ribbons...

as soon as someone walks into our store, takes their thumb and index finger, sticks them out sideways,

we know what they want, before they even ask...

the package of 4 rolls of strawberry licorice!

the good news...THEY’RE BACK!

under their original name of Broadway Rolls!!!

We still have 2 left of the Danish Ribbons for you collectors out there....

and now...THE LIST!*

how sweet they were.

copyright 1982-2023 bobb howard’s general store    trademark “we sell old candy”    all rights reserved

            adams sour gum

            black cows suckers

            bosco bars

            brach's jelly nougats

            caravelle bar

            chicklets 2-pack

            chicklets - tiny

            chocolate babies


            dentyne red

            dr. pepper gum


            forever yours bar

            fortune bubblegum

            hollywood candy bar

            hot dog gum

            ice cream gum

            licorice whips

            lifesaver holes

            marathon bar

            mexican hats

            nestle bar

            o'henry bar

            pine bros cough drops

            pom poms

            red hot dollars

            reggie bar


            "spoon candy"

            sqirrel nut zippers

            sugar mamas

            swell bubblegum

            teaberry gum

            wax fingernails

            wax harmonicas

            wonka bars