1930s CANDY

1930s TOYS

          army men

          beach ball

          buck rogers ray gun

          finger paint

          go to the head of the class

          magic slate

          mickey mouse doll


          pick-up stix

          red ryder bb gun



          view master

          whoopie cushion

          3 musketeers

          big cherry bar

          boston baked beans


          choward’s scented gum

          choward’s violets


          jelly rings

          kit kat

          life savers - 5 flavor

          mallo cups

          nestle crunch


          pay day

          planter’s peanut bar

          red hot (raspberry) dollars

          red hots

          pearson salted nut roll

          sky bar


          sugar babies

          sugar daddy

          tootsie pops


          wax fangs

          wax lips

          wax mustache


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