luci and desi, lassie and timmy, archie and edith...

dorothy and the tinman, the scarecrow and the lion...

moe, larry, and curly and roy, dale and trigger...

superman and lois, ralph and alice kramden...

the fonz, barbarino, elvis the pelvis...

the beav, fred and barney, charlie brown and lucy...

sky king, the lone ranger, laurel and hardy...

captain kangaroo and john, paul, george, and ringo...

howdy doody, clarabelle, dennis the menace, and popeye...

spanky and alfalfa, betty boop, and bozo...

just some of our “old friends” through the years

who we “invited” into our homes and our hearts...

some influenced our lives, some changed the world,

all left their mark...

great gift idea:

looking to give an “old friend” to a buddy?...

            we can create a fun bucket for them filled with nostalgia and memories!  

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     ★       gumby & pokey

     ★       howdy doody

     ★       i love lucy

     ★       john wayne

     ★       leave it to beaver

     ★       little rascals

     ★       lone ranger

     ★       looney tunes

     ★       marilyn monroe

     ★       mister bill

     ★       mister rogers

*Our "old friends" are very popular!  What's on our shelves today may not be there tomorrow...

     ★       american bandstand

     ★       beatles

     ★       betty boop

     ★       bozo the clown

     ★       cheech & chong

     ★       coca cola

     ★       curious george

     ★       dc comics

     ★       elvis

     ★       garbage pail kids

     ★       grateful dead

     ★       nasa

     ★       pacman

     ★       paddington bear

     ★       peanuts

     ★       pinnochio

     ★       planet robot

     ★       popeye

     ★       porky pig

     ★       rosie the riveter

     ★       roy rogers

     ★       smurfs

     ★       snap, crackle, & pop

     ★       star trek

     ★       strawberry shortcake

     ★       superman

     ★       three stooges

     ★       trolls

     ★       wacky packs

     ★       willy wonka

     ★       wizard of oz

     ★       wonder woman

     ★       woodstock