anise bears

          atomic fireballs

          big hunk

          black taffy

          bubblegum cigs

          cherry foil lipstick

          candy buttons

          candy necklaces

          chocolate coins

          chupa chup pops


          fruit slices

          hot tamales

          ice cubes

          indian head pumpkin seeds

          long boys

          mamba fruit chews

          marshmallow cones

          marshmallow peeps

          m & m peanut

          peanut butter kisses

          pixie stix


          regal crown sour candy

          root beer barrels


          satellite wafers

          unicorn pops

          watermelon slices

          whistle pops

1950s CANDY

          ant farm

          army men


          betsy wetsy

          bop bags




          corn popper

          cymbal monkey

          davy crockett cap

          dick tracy car

          dimestore metal soldiers

          diving submarine

          doctor & nurse kits

          dream pets

          electric pinball

          farm playsets

          flying saucer launcher

          friction toy cars



          howdy doody

          hula hoop


          junior steering wheel


          little people

          mad libs

          magic 8 ball

1950s TOYS

          matchbox cars

          mr. potato head

          paddington bear

          paint by number set

          pez dispensers


          pluto platter


          pop-it beads

          push puppets

          robbie the robot

          silly putty

          siren whistle ring


          slinky dog

          space ray gun

          space signal flashlight

          tin cars

          ticklebee game

          tin clickers

          tiddly winks

          tiny tears doll


          water rockets


          wiffle ball

          winky dinks

          wooly willy


          zippy the chimp

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