who amongst us hasn’t heard or told a story about a trip to the corner candy store,

nose pressed up to the glass display counter, peering inside to choose what to buy

with the penny that is tightly clutched in hand...

“penny candy” brings people back to a simpler time... and even though today,

it costs a whole bunch more than a penny,

perhaps there are no sweeter memories of childhood...

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            atomic fireballs

            banana splits


            candy bracelets

            candy buttons

            candy corn     

            candy necklaces

            candy watches

            caramel cremes


            cherry coins

            cherry foil lipstick

            cherry juju hearts

            circus peanuts

            coconut longboys

            coconut watermelon

            coffee hopjes

            cow tales

            french chew taffy

            fun dip lik-a-maid

            gummy bears

            gummy cola bottles

            gummy burgers/dogs

            gummy peaches

            gummy worms


            jelly nougats

            jolly ranchers




            laffy taffy

            "lego" blox


            marshmallow cones

            mary janes



            pixie stix

            puntini (fruit)


            red hots

            root beer barrels

            salt water taffy

            sanded cherry drops

            sanded lemon drops

            sanded licorice drops

            sanded root beer drops

            satellite wafers

            sesame crunch



            sour britecrawlers

            sour cherry balls

            sour patch kids

            sour power belts

            spearmint leaves

            sugar babies

            swedish fish

            toasted coconut mallows

            tootsie rolls


            watermelon slices

            wax fangs

            wax lips

            wax mustache

            wax tubes