over the years, we have found that people who love licorice, REALLY LOVE IT!

.....and people who hate licorice, REALLY HATE IT!!!

eileen has loved licorice since she was a little girl - both black and red...

and since she tries to surround herself with things that make her happy, the store is well-stocked with lots of really good licorice!

licorice lovers never seem to buy just 1 kind of licorice when they visit...

they gather at least 4 or 5 different ones, craving to experience the different textures and tastes, and then return for their favorites...

fun fact:  mostly all licorice lovers who grew up in the 50s and 60s

notice that the jawbreaker is missing from the center of the licorice wheels!

great gift idea:

  why not order one of our Licorice Lover’s Baskets filled with luscious licorice from around the globe....

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     ★       licorice pipes - red

     ★       licorice rockies

     ★       licorice scotties

     ★       licorice wheels

     ★       strawberry laces

     ★       strawberry wheels

     ★       tire tred licorice

     ★       tire tred strawberry

     ★       twists - chocolate

     ★       twizzlers - strawberry

     ★       good n plenty

     ★       licorice drops

     ★       licorice laces

     ★       licorice money

     ★       licorice pipes

     ★       australian black

     ★       australian red

     ★       black crows

     ★       broadway licorice rolls

     ★       double salted licorice