100 grand bar

          banana splits

          broadway licorice rolls

          cadbury creme eggs

          candy watch

          chocolate babies

          cinnamon bears

          cinnamon toothpicks

          fruit stripe gum

          good & fruity


          licorice bites

          licorice scotties

          mint juleps

          now & later


          rock candy stix

          slap stix

          smarties lollipops


          swedish fish



1960s CANDY

          ants in the pants

          barbie’s dream house

          barrel of monkeys


          beany copter

          booby trap game

          chatty cathy doll

          chinese jumprope

          doodle balls

          easy bake oven



          fisher price chatter phone


          g. i. joe

          give-a-show projector

          hands down

          hot wheels cars

          ken doll


          lambchop puppet

          lite brite

          monster magnet

1960s TOYS

          mood ring

          mouse trap game

          mr. machine

          mystery date

          nerf balls

          newton’s cradle



          radio-controlled cars

          rat fink

          rock ‘em sock ‘em robots

          see ‘n say

          silly string

          slip ‘n slide

          slot car racing sets

          sno cone machine


          super balls

          the game of life

          toss across



          wacky packs

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