ok, so we thought we were “cool”

carrying our school bags and lunchboxes to school everyday...

of course, those were the days when the words “nutrition” and “organic” weren’t in our vocabularies

and if you dropped your candy or food on the floor, you picked it up,

wiped it on your shirt, and popped it in your mouth...

(the 5 second rule)

carrots and celery in your lunchbox were for nerds

and you always bought lunch on friday, ‘cause it was pizza!...

we’ve assembled a fun selection of character lunchboxes

probably not so much for really using them,*

but as symbols of remembering how bad the cafeteria food really was!!!

fun gift idea:

*fill a lunchbox or bucket or basket with retro candies and toys

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            clockwork orange

            coca cola

            curious george







            retro tv

            rosie the riveter

            star trek


            wizard of oz

            willy wonka


            fender guitars


            howdy doody

            i love lucy

            john wayne  

            marilyn monroe