lollipops seem to span the generations...

what a joy for us to watch a toddler’s face when they experience their 1st lolly - a saf-t-pop...

many a photo to capture the moment has been taken in our store by proud parents...


the kids coming in after school for their favorite energy boost - rock candy on a stick!!!


the cigarette smoker trying to quit...we always send them straight to the lollipops

and rejoice when they come back to say “thank you” and tell us

it’s been 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months since they had their last smoke...


a kid’s birthday party loot bag... whistle pops seem to be a fun, popular choice...


patients and family members and friends searching for a remedy to cheer-up or cheer-on a loved one - they almost always reach for

a cotton candy pop...


the bar or bat mitzvah or sweet 16 favor - whirly pops are sure to be thought of as “cool”...


we always chuckle at this next one...

the macho guys who come bounding into the store...“you gotta help me - I really screwed up with my girlfriend”...

that calls for the ‘serious suckers’:  the giant 1 pound sugar daddies or all-day suckers!!!

so, next time you “need a lift”, want to give someone a present, or just feel like being a kid again,

reach for one of our lollipops...

we promise, you’ll see things in a whole different way!...

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